9 Easy Tips for Building a Healthy Relationship

9 Easy Tips for Building a Healthy Relationship

Healthy relationships are valuable treasures that we should protect and nurture every day. But what does a great relationship look like?

Many of us have difficulty experiencing healthy relationships, because we have self-limiting beliefs, past trauma, and other issues that keep us from opening the door to the right people. Tapping can help us overcome these issues by allowing us to focus on and resolve these obstacles.

But through tapping, we can also begin manifesting the relationships we want. In order to do this, we must understand what a great relationship looks like. How do healthy couples behave?

In this article, we have put together 9 easy tips for building a healthy relationship.

What Makes a Healthy Relationship?

Every single relationship is unique, and people may come together for many different reasons. One part of a healthy relationship is having a common goal and knowing exactly where you want to go together. You can figure this out by having a deep and intimate conversation with your partner.

However, there are certain traits that most happy relationships share in common. If you learn these basic principles, you will be able to keep your relationship exciting, meaningful, and fulfilling.

So, before diving into tips for building a healthy relationship, let’s take a look at what makes a relationship healthy.

Meaningful Emotional Connection

You make each other feel emotionally fulfilled and deeply loved. There is a big difference between being loved and feeling loved. You may be loved, but if you don’t feel it entirely, you won’t feel valued or accepted by your partner.

Some relationships turn into a peaceful partnership or coexistence, but without the partners being truly connected on the emotional level. While such union may seem peaceful and calm, a lack of trust and ongoing involvement only adds distance between the two people over time.

Not Being Afraid to Disagree

Some couples talk things out, while others turn into emotions and tears, raise their voices, and passionately disagree. However, the secret to a successful relationship is not to be afraid of conflict.

You need to feel safe and comfortable to share your feelings and express things that bother you. You and your partner should be willing to accept the other’s opinion and resolve conflicts without degradation or humiliation.

Keeping Up with Outside Relationships and Interests

The truth is, there is no single person who could meet all of your needs. On the other hand, expecting too much from your partner can put extra pressure on your relationship.

You may spend a lot of time together, but don’t spend all the time. In order to stimulate a great romantic relationship, it is crucial to maintain your identity outside of it. Preserve your old hobbies and interests and keep in touch with old friends.

Open and Honest Communication

A relationship cannot be healthy without good communication. When both people know what it is they want to get out of the relationship and feel comfortable sharing their feelings with the other person, the bond between the two people is only growing stronger.

Learn to communicate openly and don’t be shy or afraid to talk about your fears, needs, and desires with the person you love. And, of course, don’t forget to ask how your partner feels.

Top Tips for Building and Maintaining a Healthy Relationship

Now, that we know the key characteristics of a healthy relationship, here are a few easy tips for building a healthy relationship:

1. End the Day Together – No Matter What

No relationship is perfect. Disagreements are inevitable, but healthy couples know that no matter what, you put these differences aside and kiss each other good night.

The number one tip for building a healthy relationship is to end the day together, no matter what.

Whatever unresolved issues are left, they can be discussed and sorted out the next day. Each day is a gift, so happy couples will make sure that they tell each other they love each other every night before bed – even if they are still feeling a little upset.

2. Be Honest and Straightforward

Games are for children. Healthy couples don’t play games. They are straightforward and honest with each other.

When partners play games with each other, no one wins. Someone gets hurt, or resentment builds up.

Honesty is the foundation of any happy relationship. If you are upset, tell your partner. If you are happy, tell your partner.

3. Accept Each Other

No one is perfect. Healthy couples understand that their partner will make mistakes and probably won’t tick all boxes on their “ideal” partner list.

Happy couples don’t try to change each other and don’t attempt to control each other’s behavior. They accept each other as they are. If one wants to change on their own accord, the other supports their partner’s journey. Otherwise, they love and accept their partner as-is – no strings attached, and no changes needed.

4. Be Physically in Tune with Each Other

Happy, healthy couples are physically in tune with one another. They hold hands, cuddle on the couch and spoon when they sleep at night. Body language of love makes us feel good and is crucial for a happy long term relationship.

Physical touch is an important part of a healthy relationship, and it should not be overlooked.

5. Understand that Being Happy is More Important Than Being Right

All couples have petty arguments, but it’s how you handle those arguments that matter most. Healthy couples know that it’s more important to be happy than it is to be right.

If you disagree about something and you’re both firm in your stance, let it go.

Does it really matter? Does it affect your relationship? if the answer is no, let it go. It’s not worth the anger and frustration.

6. Communicate

Healthy couples know that without communication, their relationship wouldn’t exist. They are constantly checking in with one another and communicating their feelings. They tell their partners exactly how they feel. They are honest and open – always.

7. Love Yourself

Another tip for building a healthy relationship is to learn to love yourself.

Happy couples love each other, but they also love themselves. They know that they are whole and complete on their own. They don’t need someone else to make them happy or to make their lives complete.

Because they are comfortable in their own skin and love themselves, they are not afraid to be vulnerable when they are together.

8. Forgive

Life is tough enough as it is. We all make mistakes. No one is perfect. When we mess up, we learn and grow.

When couples are in a healthy relationship, they understand that things aren’t going to be rosy all of the time. They know that their partner will make mistakes and that they will also make mistakes.

That’s why they forgive each other. They offer forgiveness willingly and in with open arms.

9. Grow Together

We all learn and grow as we go through life. But when you’re in a healthy relationship, you grow together. You support each other, and you go through experiences together that shape who you are as people.

Stay Happy in Love with Hypnosis Tapping

For most of us, falling in love just happens. However, staying in love requires hard work and dedication. Strong relationships require both parties to be on board with loving each other, communicating, growing and forgiving each other.

However, it is well worth the effort! A secure and healthy romantic relationship can serve as a continuous source of support and happiness in your life, strengthening all aspects of your well being and mental health.

In addition to these tips for how to build a healthy relationship, Tapping Therapy can help us resolve past issues that are stopping us from building strong and healthy relationships.

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