Discover The Best Ways How to Deal with Regret

Discover The Best Ways How to Deal with Regret

No one wants a life filled with regrets, but we all have decisions that we wish we hadn't made. We can’t go back and change those decisions, but we can do our best to avoid regrets in the future.

Tapping is a practice that can help us get in touch with ourselves, find our paths and resolve past issues that are stopping us from reaching our full potential.

During your tapping sessions, keep these things in mind to help you learn how to deal with regret.

12 Simple Tips on How to Deal with Regret

1. Acknowledge What You’re Feeling

Many people love to say, “I have no regrets”, but it is probably not true. Just like any other negative emotion, regret is a common and often unavoidable experience.

When you acknowledge and accept what you’re feeling instead of trying to deny your emotions, it helps prompt you to think about ways how to deal with regret and minimize the pain.

In addition, specifically identifying what emotion you are feeling (“I feel regret”), rather than just thinking you “feel bad” can help you make your negative emotions more manageable.

2. Ditch “I’ll Never Do That Again” Thinking

When we have regrets, the emotion is not usually about a mistake we’ve made for the first time. Instead, we often feel regret over being a victim to our own self-sabotaging patterns.

You might regret procrastinating a task and having to stay up all night finishing it or watching Netflix until dawn. You are feeling exhausted the following day and wish you would have gone to bed early instead.

If you have fallen into the same trap numerous times before, it is unlikely that you will never do the same mistake again. Instead of promising yourself to never do that again, acknowledge that you need to develop strategies to gradually improve your habits and limit the negative consequences.

3. Believe in Your Ability to Grow

Regret can make us overly hesitant or avoidant. Regretting about a failed relationship can make us avoid new relationships, regretting about a poor investment decision can prevent us from investing at all…

Just because you have made some poor choices in the past, doesn’t mean you are doomed to fail forever in any area of your life. Believe in yourself and keep going.

4. Give Yourself Some Time to Absorb Your Feelings

In order to effectively learn how to deal with regret, you need to allow yourself some time to heal.

If you have a small regret, such as leaving your wallet at home when going grocery shopping, you want to give yourself a few minutes to absorb and get over it. You may feel guilty and frustrated, but these feelings will naturally go away pretty quickly.

If you have a larger regret - for example, buying a house you don’t actually like or choosing the wrong career path, - then it might take a long time for the feeling to dissipate.

In any case, it is crucial to leave some time for your emotions to work themselves out.

5. Accept Responsibility

There are many people who would rather donate their organs to science than accept responsibility for their actions. But the truth is, accepting responsibility can help you move on.

Be strong and admit to yourself that you’ve screwed up and you accept the consequences.

6. Focus on Things You Can Control

If you focus your regrets on something you’ve done in the past, unfortunately, there is no going back and changing what has happened. Instead, focus on the lessons learned and take control of your present situation to deal with the aftermath.

It is an invaluable skill to move forward, as it empowers us to take positive action, rather than falling into the shame cycle.

7. Surround Yourself with Positive People

Negativity is both toxic and contagious. It is okay to break ties with friends and family members who are only bringing you down. As difficult as it may be to let them go, removing that negativity will leave more room for positivity and supportive friends who will lift you up.

Surround yourself with like-minded people who are headed in the same direction as you, and learning how to deal with regret will become so much easier.

8. Live Life for Yourself, and Always Be Yourself

Many of us believe we have to do certain things in life because that’s what society, family and friends tell us we have to do. If we let others create our dreams for us, we will never achieve the things our hearts want us to achieve.

Stay true to yourself, live life for yourself and always be yourself. There’s no need to pretend to be someone you’re not.

When you live life for yourself and never wear a mask, you don’t have to worry about regrets. You are chasing your own dreams and being true to yourself.

9. Push Through When Times Get Tough

Life is tough. We all have goals, but reaching those goals isn’t always easy. We may have to fail a dozen times before we finally get what we want.

Never give up on your goals until you’ve exhausted every avenue. Even then, change the plan – not the goal. Don't let anyone or anything make you feel disheartened. Never give up on your dreams.

10. Embrace Change and Growth

The only thing we know for sure in life is that it will change. That’s what makes life so beautifully bittersweet. So many of us fear change because we don’t know what lies ahead. When we learn to embrace change and growth, we don’t have regrets because we know that whatever is happening is supposed to be happening.

11. Never Settle

Learning how to deal with regret doesn’t mean you have to settle.
If you never settle for anything less than you deserve, you will never have any regrets. Later in life, you won’t wonder what could have been because you never quit. You knew what you wanted, and you never compromised on your goals.

12. Do it Now

Procrastination is only going to cause anxiety and stop you from living your best life. If there’s something you want to do, do it. If you want something, take it, or work hard to get there. Don’t wait until tomorrow because tomorrow may never come. Opportunities may pass you by that you will never get back.

Coping with Regret with Hypnosis Tapping

We all want to live full, rich lives that are free of regret. Tapping can help us reach that goal by ensuring that we are on the right path and free of past trauma or issues that are holding us back.

Practicing Hypnosis Tapping meditations can be beneficial for your mental health and help you learn how to deal with regret.

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