A Full Guide to Making Changes in Your Life

A Full Guide to Making Changes in Your Life

Life is constantly changing. Our daily experiences shape and mold us. We’re always growing and learning, whether we realize it or not. But sometimes, change isn’t always a positive thing. We may grow to become an unhappy person who feels lost, hopeless and helpless.

It’s not always easy to see the signs that we – our lives – need to change. Many of us go into our first tapping session with the hope of alleviating some anxiety and stress. What we soon realize is that the root cause of the problem is our lifestyle. Maybe it’s time for making changes in your life?

Signs It’s Time for Making Changes in Your Life

It’s important to be able to recognize the signs that your life needs a change. These signs can include:

Feeling Sad

Everyone goes through periods of sadness, but if you’re finding it difficult to feel happy or the sadness becomes frequently overwhelming, this is an important indicator that you need a life change.

In this case, your feelings of sadness aren’t triggered by anything in particular. You may just feel waves of sorrow and despair that can be all-consuming.

Feeling Bored or Stuck

When we fall into a rut, we may feel bored or stuck. Life has lost its zest and color. We’re disillusioned by it all and tired of where we’re at. You feel like a hamster on a wheel – constantly going nowhere.

It may be time to sit down and really look at where you want to go in life. What ignites your passion? What do you want to achieve? Create a plan for making changes in life and get to it.

Feeling Drained or Utterly Exhausted

If you feel like you’re constantly running on empty, your body is trying to tell you that it’s time to make a change. The key is to figure out what is draining all of your energy.

  • Are you spending time with toxic people who have become energy vampires?
  • Is your work too demanding?
  • Are you unable to find a healthy work/life balance?
  • Are you in an unhealthy romantic relationship?

It could be one or all of these things that are making you feel exhausted or drained. A little self-reflection and contemplation can help you figure out what is robbing you of your energy.

The people you spend time with, your work and your romantic relationships should energize – not drain – you.

Feeling Alone

You can be in a room full of people and still feel alone. If you find yourself feeling this way when you spend time with certain people, it may be an indicator that you are with the wrong people.

Friends should make us feel loved, accepted and understood. Otherwise, it’s time for making changes in life.

Loss of Interest in Things You Love

One of the first clear signs of depression is losing interest in the things that you once loved. Hobbies that once gave you great joy and satisfaction may feel pointless.

If you have lost all motivation to do the things you love, then it may be time for a life change. That life change may include getting the help you need and deserve.

8 Simple Changes to Make Your Life More Enjoyable

Most of us are open to the idea of making changes in life to become happier. However, few people actually follow through with this idea because committing to something that’s going to significantly change your daily routine is scary.
Instead of focusing on radical steps, start small and start moving forward to achieving your goals by incorporating these simple changes:

1. Reprogram your mind for positivity.

Our actions and thoughts are influenced by the way we feel. That’s why eliminating negative thinking is the first and most important step toward making changes in your life.

You can start by:

  • Keeping a gratitude journal
  • Not acknowledging negative thoughts
  • Creating and repeating positive affirmations
  • Surrounding yourself with positive people
  • Staying active

2. Get up earlier.

One of the habits that differentiate successful people is getting up while everyone else is still enjoying their sleep. You don’t have to jump directly into a 5 am wake-up schedule, but you can begin by starting your morning half an hour earlier than you are used to.

This will give you some extra time to listen to a tapping meditation, exercise, plan your day, and have a delicious breakfast with your family without the usual rush.

3. Don’t be predictable.

Commit to getting out of your comfort zone and doing something new at least once a week. Opening our minds to new experiences changes our perspectives, boosts energy, and makes us happier.

4. Clean after yourself right away.

Start making changes in life with small things. For example, if you don’t stay on top of your minor chores like washing dishes or making the bed, they quickly add up.

On the other hand, if you clean up after yourself immediately, you will organize the space to be more productive, as well as feel happier and accomplished.

5. Don’t over-commit.

Keeping your short- and long-term goals achievable and clearly defined will make it easier to follow through with your commitments and make improvements in the long-run. Start little-by-little and work your way up.

For example, rather than jumping into a marathon, start with a walk around your block, 10 sit-ups every single day, or a little morning exercise routine to jumpstart your day.

6. Be grateful.

Even during the darkest of times, aim to swap complaining with showing gratitude.

Feeling and expressing gratitude is truly one of the best ways to feel happier when you need it most. Keep a gratitude journal and create a list of at least three things to be grateful for every day.

7. Get to that one task you’ve been putting off.

We all have that one task that we endlessly put off: cleaning up your desk, a phone call to your insurance company, or changing batteries in the smoke alarm. Learn how to set priorities to make sure those small tasks don’t build up.

Whenever you have an unfinished task, you are carrying the weight of it with you all the time. As soon as you remember about that little task, finish it.

8. Stop comparing yourself to others.

Stop worrying about what others have and you don’t. There is always going to be somebody who lives in a nicer house, has a better job, or drives a fancier car.

Constantly comparing yourself to others won’t do anything else but to make you miserable and regretful. Instead, worry about your own definition of success.

Learn How to Make Changes in Your Life with Hypnosis Tapping

Many of us feel at least one of these things at some point in life. Tapping can help us see these signs more clearly and reprogram our thinking. Despite feeling down or depressed, we can choose to honor and love ourselves. With that said, it's important to seek help if we need it. Tapping can be an excellent complement to therapy and help you with making changes in your life today.

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