How To Be Emotionally Healthy for That Special Someone

How To Be Emotionally Healthy for That Special Someone

Life is short, precious and never guaranteed. Every sunrise is a blessing and a new opportunity to start living and loving your life. That’s why it’s so important to protect your time and your emotional health by choosing someone who will always put you first in daily life.

When life throws a curveball, you want someone by your side who will weather the storm with you.

So many of us struggle to realize that we deserve to be loved and accepted as we are. Tapping can help us heal from past trauma and come to this realization.

But it’s important to be reminded of the value of your time and energy and learn how to be emotionally healthy.

7 Habits of Emotionally Healthy People

1. Love Yourself Enough to Stop Giving Your Time and Heart to Toxic People

Not everyone deserves your time and attention. Save your heart for someone who proves that they’re worthy of it.

Give your heart to someone who loves you unconditionally, accepts you for you who you are, appreciates you and everything you do and cherishes the time you spend together. Find someone who makes you feel at home when you’re in their arms.

Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, so spend your days with someone who supports your passions, wants to know all there is to know about you and wants to invest their time in building a life with you.

Save your love for the person who will choose you every single day and not only when it’s convenient for them. Only then you will learn how to be emotionally healthy and cherish every moment in life.

2. Save Your Heart for Someone Who Wants to Build and Grow with You

The future is unknown. Face the unexpected challenges and victories with someone who wants to be by your side.

Give yourself to someone who wants the same things out of life as you, whether that be raising a family, travelling the world or saving the world. Save your heart for someone who wants to grow old with you and spend the rest of their days with you.

Someone who puts you first will be fully committed to loving you and making you happy. They’re more than just a lover; they’re a best friend.

Life isn’t easy. You will face challenges that you won’t think you can overcome. At the end of a bad day, you want to come home to someone who will save your emotional health, make you smile, listen to your troubles and help you get through the day.

3. Find Meaning in Trauma and Loss

One of the major factors that distinguish those who are emotionally healthy after experiencing a loss or trauma from those who are not is their ability to search for meaning in their experiences and derive lessons from them.

Of course, learning to find meaning in negative experiences takes time, just like the process of adapting to new realities.

However, by being determined to notice not only things that you’ve lost but things that you’ve gained, you will be able to develop an appreciation for your life and the people around you. You can take control of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. And then, you will be able to find meaning and purpose and make important changes to keep your heart safe for that special someone.

4. Identify Self-Defeating Behaviors to Combat Loneliness

Chronic loneliness has a devastating effect on our physical and emotional health. Yet, it is much more common than we are used to thinking: the vicious cycle makes lonely people even lonelier.

When we feel lonely, we start acting in ways to reduce the risk of future rejection by unconsciously adopting self-defeating behaviors and destroying opportunities to deepen our social connections or make new ones.

The best way how to be emotionally healthy and overcome loneliness is to learn how to identify and challenge such self-defeating behaviors.

Create a list of all excuses you have used in the past to avoid taking initiatives in social settings. Now, make a list of people you’ve had pleasant interactions within the past. Then, reach out to one person a day and initiate plans to fill up your social calendar. Promise yourself to avoid using excuses from your list whenever you are feeling worried or anxious.

5. Repair Damaged Relationships to Shed Excessive Guilt

We experience excessive guilt when something that we’ve done (or haven’t done) has harmed another person who has not forgiven us ever since. Most of the time, such situations have to do with our inability to apologize properly than with the inability of others to forgive.

Adopt a habit of apologizing more effectively for other people to forgive you. The crucial ingredient of an apology is empathy. To display empathy, you need to make sure that the other person feels like you understand how they felt in response to your actions. Once you master the expression of sincere empathy, the other person will be much more likely to express authentic forgiveness.

6. Disrupt the Urge to Ruminate and Brood

When we ruminate over upsetting events, we don’t gain any additional insight into them. Instead, we continuously replay angering or distressing scenarios in our heads, which only increases the desire to ruminate further and makes us feel worse.

As such, no matter how compelling the urge to ruminate is, aim to disrupt this vicious cycle as soon as you notice yourself brooding about the events in question. You can do this by distracting yourself with an activity that requires full concentration, such as watching an absorbing show or solving a game of Sudoku.

7. Gain Control After a Failure

Failure changes our perceptions so that our goals appear much more unattainable, and our capacities seem inadequate for the task. And once you start feeling that there is nothing you can do to succeed, you lose motivation, become demoralized, and forget how to be emotionally healthy.

Learn to ignore this distorted reaction and create a list of the factors related to your goal that you have control over - such as planning, effort, preparation, or different approaches you could have taken. Then, brainstorm different ways of how you can improve these factors. By doing this simple exercise, you will combat dangerous misperceptions and improve your chances of future success.

Improve Your Emotional Health with Hypnosis Tapping Meditations

If you’re going through life difficulties, you may be Tapping for stress or Tapping for anxiety. Having a partner who understands and supports your journey to healing can help you overcome these challenges and emerge a stronger person.

When someone puts you first, you feel empowered to be the best version of yourself and free to be yourself. More importantly, you feel safe and secure putting them first, too. Both of you are committed to making each other happy and lead a life that helps you achieve everything you want.

You deserve to be happy. You deserve to be loved by someone who accepts you for all that you. Learn how to be emotionally healthy with Hypnosis Tapping and become open to new, healthy relationships.

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