How to Be Kind to Yourself and Others

How to Be Kind to Yourself and Others

Kindness is a beautiful thing. Some say it’s the secret to a happy life. It’s the act of being generous, friendly and considerate to others and ourselves.

But how to be kind? How to treat yourself and others with genuine positive emotions?

As part of your tapping practice, you may feel a wave of positive emotions, and you can take advantage of these feelings by practicing kindness.

How to Be Kind: Simple Ways to Spread the Joy Around

Did you ever find it challenging to be warm-hearted to yourself or people around you? Maybe, it was more difficult in some situations as compared to others?

When we show genuine care for a friend, a co-worker, or even a stranger, we show the version of ourselves that other people are likely to remember.

Remember, how you felt the last time somebody showed kindness toward you?

Then, imagine how amazing it would be to spread that feeling around the world.

What Does it Mean to Be Kind?

The true meaning of kindness is how YOU choose to demonstrate it. It can take a form of nice gestures, empathy, acceptance, or thoughtfulness - it is up to you to decide! Kindness may mean doing something nice without expecting anything in return or showing empathy to others. You could pay for the person in front of you in line, help your co-worker with a difficult task, or simply help an elderly person with a heavy bag.

Why Should You Be Kind?

It is important to learn how to be kind, because it will make you feel better about yourself. By doing nice things to other people, you will feel the warmth inside your heart, knowing that you have accomplished something good. If you want to get good treatment from others, you have first to spread the kindness around yourself.

13 Ways to be a Kind Person

Here are the 13 ways of how to be kind to yourself and others:

1. Be Gentle with Yourself

When friends make mistakes, we forgive them and reassure them that they’re still great people. But what happens when we make mistakes? We tend to be hard on ourselves. Negative self-talk is the opposite of kindness.

Being warm-hearted means being gentle with yourself. It’s okay to make mistakes. It’s okay to take a different path. You are still worthy. You are not a burden.

The next time you make a mistake or try and fail at something, treat yourself the same way you’d treat a friend in your situation.

2. Take Care of Yourself

Self-love is so important, and it plays a big role in practicing kindness. Taking proper care of yourself is the greatest kindness you can give yourself.

Exercise because you want to keep your body healthy and strong (not because it’s a chore).

Eat healthy because you want to fuel your body. You wouldn’t leave trash in your house, so treat your body with the same respect.

Stay hydrated because your body needs water to survive.

Take time off because everyone deserves and needs a rest. Overworking leads to burn-out.

Pamper yourself. Take a spa day. Spend a night out with friends. Enjoy your life. You deserve it.

3. Leave the Past Behind

So many of us carry our past around like it’s a badge of armor. But your baggage and past life experiences are more like a ball and chain. They slow you down.

Everyone has baggage. It’s okay to leave yours at the door. It’s hard to let go of hurt and past wrongdoings, but it’s also important to remember that everyone is different. You miss all of the chances you never take, so as a kindness to yourself, leave the past and your luggage behind you.

4. Follow Your Heart

When making any type of life decision, listen to your heart – not other people.

As a kindness to yourself, do what makes you happy; what makes your heart sing.

No one else can live your life for you, so don’t let other people dictate the terms of your future.

5. Treat Others as You Wish to be Treated

The greatest way to practice kindness towards others is to treat them as you wish to be treated.

Be courteous of other people’s feelings. We all make rash judgements about everyone and everything. That’s a part of human nature. But we don’t have to express these judgements.

Be supportive. Encourage people to chase their dreams. Help and give back when you can.

6. Consider Kindness Before You Speak

When you have something on your mind that you wish to say, but it is not nice to others, remember to always choose kindness. Choosing kindness is not a sign of weakness. Instead, it is a sign of heart.

7. Spread Kindness that You Have Received

When others share kindness with us, we feel special about ourselves. If you can, learn how to be kind and continue spreading these positive feelings around and sharing your warm heart with others.

8. Feel Good about It

If you are having a difficult time showing kindness to others, try and remember how good it feels to show that side of you. If you feel good about acting nice, the acts of kindness will come naturally and spread more positivity within you.

9. Be Nice to Everyone

It’s important to remember how to be kind to everyone, despite our differences.

Whether seen or unseen, each one of us is facing a challenge, so don’t discriminate who to be nice to.

10. Set an Example

You can become a role model to somebody else by being always nice, no matter if you are having a bad day or simply are not in the mood. If people have no nice role models to look up to, there will always be less joy to be spread around.

11. Practice Good Intentions

It is not only the words you say that count, but your intention as well. Try to share both good intentions and displays of kindness. Generally, good intentions and kindness come hand in hand, but, in some cases, they are not perfectly aligned. Do your best to practice good intentions, such as not expecting anything in return for your compliment or good gesture.

12. Reach Out When Others Won’t

Try to be the first to show kindness, even if it goes against what others may think. The genuine act will likely be rewarding to you in return.

13. Be Caring Every Day

If you are not sure, follow your heart as much and as often as possible. If you practice random acts of kindness every day, you will be rewarded with better relationships and satisfaction that you have made somebody else’s life better.

You will start feeling happier and happier every day!

Be a Better Person with Hypnosis Tapping

Whatever you do in life, do it in kindness. Combat hate and anger with it.

Combat sadness and fear with an open heart. Be gentle with yourself and treat others as you wish to be treated.

Meridian tapping can help us let go of the negative emotions and traumas that are stopping us from being nicer, happier people. The practice can help us learn how to be kind and welcome positivity into our lives to embrace the joy that is life.