How to Get and Stay Motivated

How to Get and Stay Motivated

When the going gets tough, it’s not always easy to find the reason to keep going. When we lose our motivation, it can be difficult to find the inspiration we need to reignite our passion and drive. Loss of motive can stunt our growth and stop us from doing important things.

Now is the time to free yourself from feeling trapped and spring into action. It is time to learn how to get and stay motivated.

Tapping can help you harness the power of your inner stimulus and use it to reshape your future. You’ll feel more motivated today, and you will stay motivated. Tapping can act as your guide to reaching within and finding your inner motive. Your practice can help you take back control of your life and open up a whole new world of possibilities every single day.

You can make other changes to find the motivation and keep it alive long run.

How to Get and Stay Motivated: What Does Motivation Mean?

Motivation is something that gets you out of bed in the morning, drives you towards a goal, and keeps you working hard, determined to succeed even when things get difficult.

There are two types of stimulus: positive and negative.

  • Positive motivation works through positive events that happen when you take action. For example: “Completing this essay will bring me a step closer to getting my degree.”
  • Negative motivation works through negative consequences of not taking action. For example: “If I don’t finish the essay before the deadline, I will fail my course.”

Both positive and negative motivation can be effective in different situations. However, it is a lot easier to take action when you are doing something you want to do, rather than when you are trying to avoid a negative outcome.

If you don’t have a plan for staying motivated through positivity, using negative stimulus can make you feel stressed and even reduce your desire to do something altogether. That is why negative stimulus is only effective in the short term. It is important to learn how to get and stay motivated and build healthy habits of positive reinforcement.

20 Tips to How to Motivate Yourself


  1. Understand your why. Many times, it is not about how and what task you are planning to complete, but rather the purpose behind it. Being clear about why you are doing something can help you understand how to get and stay motivated.
  2. Start with a vision. To succeed, you must have a clear vision. What do you want? What sets your soul on fire? If it doesn’t strike passion in your heart, you’ll have a hard time finding and staying motivated. Visualize what you want to achieve on a daily basis. Imagine yourself staying motivated and living your best life, whether it is achieving your weight loss goals or getting promoted at work.
  3. Choose goals that interest you. You are more likely to stay motivated if you are trying to achieve a defined goal that you are genuinely interested in, rather than doing something other people want you to do. For example, you will have trouble losing weight if that is what your friends or family want and not your own wish.
  4. Look for the bigger picture. When you are having difficulties with how to get and stay motivated, look for the bigger picture. How will this task contribute to something important? How does it relate to yourself and others? How will it make a difference? You need to think bigger to accomplish more.
  5. Find something that interests you within goals that don’t. Many times, others set goals or tasks for us that we don’t want to do or simply don’t find interesting. In this case, you can try to find something within the specific task that does motivate you. For example, if you hate studying math, but dream of becoming an engineer, think of your bigger goal.
  6. Make your goal public. If you write down your goal or tell someone about it, it feels like you’ve made a promise to achieve your goal.
  7. Create a plan. Having a clear vision is just one piece of the puzzle. Now that you know where you want to go, you must have a plan on how to get there. Your plan is your roadmap to success. Without it, your goal is nothing more than a dream. When you create a plan, you solidify your dreams. It makes your vision a real, attainable thing. That alone will ignite your desire to get moving.
  8. Approach tasks in new ways. Sometimes, even getting started may constitute a problem. A different, creative approach might give you more energy and a new perspective.
  9. Break big goals down into smaller tasks. Sometimes, when we set big goals, we get lost and start feeling unmotivated because we feel overwhelmed. But every goal is the culmination of several smaller goals or milestones. If you want to achieve success, you must break your big goals down into smaller, achievable tasks. Every time you complete one of these tasks, you feel rewarded and motivated to keep moving forward.
  10. Get organized. Declutter your workspace to keep your mind organized. A calm and clean environment will help you to stay productive and efficient.
  11. Tackle procrastination head on. Don’t waste time coming up with excuses or explaining to yourself why you haven’t started already. Instead, try to find the real reason behind the delay and get to work right away. The best way to start working is to start.
  12. Stop multitasking. Don’t split your attention between multiple tasks. Instead, devote yourself completely to a single task. If you do so, your chances of being successful increase drastically.
  13. Starve your distractions. Do whatever you need to do to stop being distracted by other tasks, people, or electronics. Come up with strategies to finish the task at hand without any interruptions or distractions. This will help you enormously in how to get and stay motivated.
  14. Stay in the zone. How to get motivated to work? Create a perfect environment for yourself to get the work done and stay in this place to get some productive work.
  15. Choose success. Success is your choice to make. By building a mental picture of yourself finishing the job successfully, you are setting yourself up for success in reality.
  16. Plot your progress. When you are trying to achieve something, seeing evidence of your progress can help you stay motivated. Try to create a visual representation of how you are approaching your goal.
  17. Train your brain to associate motivation with pleasure. Your motive doesn’t last forever. It's a fleeting feeling – until you train your brain to associate motivation with pleasure. This triggers the reward center in your brain, making motivation a pleasurable thing. How do you retrain your brain? Reward yourself for completing goals. Make sure that the rewards are enticing enough to keep you motivated and achieving your goals. 
  18. Keep it fun. If you want to stick to the task, find a way to make it fun for yourself. Fun is one of the greatest motivators there is. For example, you can listen to music while you work.
  19. Don’t do it alone. Find a teacher to share experience or join a related class. A support network of other people will help to keep you encouraged and give you a boost of energy.
  20. Banish the negativity. Motivation drives us to press on and work towards achieving our goals. At the heart of motive is faith, hope and a belief that you will succeed. None of these things can exist if you’re surrounded by negativity. Spend your time with positive friends and family who will support you and encourage you to stay on the path to success.


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