How to Stop Negative Thoughts with Tapping

How to Stop Negative Thoughts with Tapping

Sometimes, it can feel like we’re carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders. Negative thoughts consume our minds, following us wherever we go. We take them with us to work, bring them home at the end of the day, and can’t let them go even when we’re hanging out with friends.

It’s easy to fall into negative thought patterns. For many of us, it’s our default way of thinking. Unpleasant life experiences and past traumas can cause us to look for the worst in every situation. But negativity can rob us of the joy we deserve and stop us from achieving our goals.

How to stop negative thoughts and free ourselves from the negative thinking trap?

How to Stop Negative Thought Patterns and Move Forward

To live the positive life you want and deserve, you must learn how to stop negative thoughts. If you don’t change your thought patterns, you will never be able to get out of this state of mind. No one wants to walk around with a dark cloud above their head.

To be happy and live your best life, you must learn how to overcome automatic negative thinking. It’s easier than you think. Tapping can help you stop engaging in negative thinking and to build new neural pathways to open the door to a more positive state of mind.

Meridian tapping is a powerful way to reprogram your thought patterns and finally learn how to overcome negative thoughts. Tapping puts our minds into a more receptive state, and the affirmations we recite help us switch off negative thoughts.

Along with your tapping practice, there are other things you can do to change your mental attitude to a more positive mindset.

1. Analyze Your Negative Thoughts

The first step to overcoming negative thinking is to become aware of it. 

When you catch yourself falling into a negative thought cycle, stop to analyze your thoughts. Instead of running away from them or trying to ignore them, face them.

Where are these thoughts coming from? Are you hungry, tired, stressed, disappointed, or something else? How are they interfering with your life? Are they stopping you from reaching your full potential and living the life you want to live?

Once you understand why and how your negative thoughts are impacting your life, you can take a more strategic approach to reprogramming your thoughts.

If you try to ignore negative thoughts no matter how you feel, they will never go away. Instead, allow your inside voice to say: “I am aware of a negative thought. It is something I am telling myself, and it isn’t true.”

2. Look for the Root Problem

Most negativity stems from a problem that isn’t visible on the surface. This is called a “root problem”.

These negative thoughts develop in us at an early age as a result of some negative experience and become a part of our psychology. In order to move on from this negative thinking, we need to identify the deep reason behind them and get rid of it. Only then will you be able to address the issue.

3. Find Something Good in Every Situation

If you find yourself in a challenging or negative situation, find something positive to get out of it. If you have stumbled or failed, or had a setback, things might look so dark that negative thoughts inevitably start to overtake your mind.

To understand how to stop bad thoughts, and replace them with good thoughts, you can ask yourself certain questions that will help you feel better and grow as a person.

Ask yourself:

  • What’s one thing I can learn from this?
  • What’s one good thing about this situation?
  • What’s one thing I can do differently next time?
  • How would my best friend support me in this situation?

For example, if you get stuck in the airport because of a cancelled flight, view it as a chance to call your friends or get some work done.

Once you find something positive in the situation, it will be a lot easier to distract yourself and understand how to stop negative thoughts.

4. Stay Focused on the Solution

When faced with difficulties in life, it’s easy to stay focused on the problem. But dwelling on the problem won’t make it go away, but instead negatively impact your well-being. Finding a solution – now that’s the way forward.

The optimist looks for solutions where others only see problems. They don’t let obstacles stop them from reaching their goals. They find a way over or under the problem.

When you stay focused on the solution – not the problem – you stay hopeful and optimistic. Negativity has no place in your world. You are determined to overcome whatever comes your way and won’t stop until you reach your goal.

5. Stop Living the Life of Others

Many of us fall into the negativity trap because we care too much about what other people think and not enough about what we think. We give up on dreams because other people say we can’t do it. We behave a certain way to fit in. We do certain things or buy certain things to impress other people.

But ultimately, you are the only one who can live your life. Wouldn’t you rather spend it doing something that you love?

When you stop caring what other people think, you fall into a more positive way of thinking and can live a life that brings you joy.

6. Replace the Negativity in Your Surroundings

Whatever you let enter into your mind every day will have a big effect on the way you feel and think. So, it is time to start questioning what type of thoughts you let in.

Do the following step by step:

  1. Identify the top three sources of negativity in your life. It could be websites, people, magazines, music, and more.
  2. Think of ways to spend less time with these sources.

If you can’t manage to spend less time with all three of the sources, you can start by doing so just for one of them. Then, spend the time you’ve freed up on more positive things.

7. Immerse Yourself in a Positive Environment

Negativity is contagious. If you surround yourself with negative people and things, you won’t be able to overcome your own negative thoughts.

Immerse yourself in positivity. Spend time with people who look at the bright side of life. Avoid negative friends and TV shows. Listen to uplifting music. Try to steer clear of negativity on social media. Better yet, take a break from social media entirely.

When you purposefully surround yourself with positivity, you will find that your negative thoughts disappear.

8. Stop Making Mountains Out of Molehills.

There are ways of how to overcome negative thoughts and how to prevent a small negative thought from turning into a big monster. Deal with negative thinking early by zooming out and asking yourself questions like:

Will this matter in 5 years? Or even in 5 weeks?

Most likely, the answer will be that it won’t, and so, why worry about it now?

9. Let it Out and Talk it Over

Keeping the negative thoughts bottled up won’t usually help. Instead, let them out! Talk over the situation and your thoughts with your family or close friends.

Simply letting it out will help you feel better instantly or even finding a more useful perspective on how to deal with the problem.

10. Live in the Moment

When you get stuck in your negative thoughts, it often means that you are overthinking negative experiences that have already happened or something that may happen.

In order to get out of that state and learn how to overcome negative thoughts it is important to put all your attention back into this moment. Right here, right now.

Try to learn to spend more time in the present moment, and you will eventually have less negative thoughts.

11. Dream Big

Self-limiting beliefs are another form of negative thinking. We set small goals for ourselves because we believe we can’t achieve anything greater. But the saying “go big or go home” really applies here. Don’t be afraid to dream big. Set big goals for yourself.

Want to travel the world? What’s stopping you? Want to start your own business? Start planning today.

When you dream big, you leave little room for negative thinking. You’re always looking forward with rose-colored glasses.

12. Share Positivity with Someone Else

If you get stuck in victim thinking or negative feelings, you can get out of your head by focusing outwards, on somebody else.

Add positivity to their life, and you will start feeling more optimistic yourself and notice that you have more and more positive thoughts.

13. Set a Positive Tone for Your Day

How you start your day often determines how you are going to spend the rest of it.

A negative or pessimistic start will make it difficult to turn things around.

However, if you start the day on a bright note, it will be easier to stay positive all the way until bedtime.

You could set yourself a simple inspirational reminder that you see in the morning, or get some positive information or conversation flowing into your mind as soon as you wake up. Read a new blog post, listen to a podcast, or read a chapter in your favorite book. You could also have an uplifting conversation with your kids, spouse, or even a co-worker.

14. Go for a Short Workout

If you are having difficulties with getting out of negative thoughts, it may be a good idea to get yourself distracted by using your body instead.

How to overcome negative thoughts quickly? Go for a short 20-30 minute workout. This will help you release the inner tension and worries.

15. Go Shopping in Your Mind

One unconventional mind trick to how to stop negative thoughts is to visualize yourself in a grocery store. Try to imagine all the items on the self and the order they are positioned in. If you don’t go grocery shopping too often, you can think about something else that would require concentration. For example, the order of songs in your favorite playlist or the order of books on your bookshelf.

Keep doing it for 30 seconds to a minute. The most important thing is to come back to this exercise whenever you catch yourself thinking negatively, even if that means doing it 15 times an hour.

If you reinforce these thinking patterns enough, you can actually train your brain to quickly switch whenever negative thoughts come up.

16. Visualize a Positive Future for Yourself

When you talk to some of the most successful people in the world – in business or even in sports – you find that many of them use visualization to reach their goals. If you can see yourself being successful and happy, you can achieve it.

Imagine a better, happier life for yourself. Visualize a brighter future. Don’t allow negativity to take up any more room in your mind or your life. You will be amazed by how powerful this practice can be.

If you can see it, you can achieve it.

17. Physically Throw Them Away

It may sound unusual, but understanding how to stop bad thoughts could be as simple as writing the thought down and tossing the paper in the trash. Studies have shown that people who wrote down negative opinions about their own bodies and threw them away ended up with more positive thoughts and a more positive image of themselves.

You can do the same exercise on the computer and simply drag a document into a trash can.

18. Have a Cup of Tea

Negative thoughts can pop up for a number of reasons. However, if your thoughts are focused on being lonely, you can deal with them by warming yourself up with a cup of tea. Something warm can actually be used to substitute emotional warmth in the short term.

19. Just Breathe

In order to learn how to stop negative thoughts, you need to slow down and take a few deep breaths.

Try to incorporate reminders or alarms in your schedule to just breathe. This will bring you more self-awareness and help to stay in the present moment rather than imagining the worst case scenario. When you start noticing how many negative thoughts you actually have, simply breathe them away.

20. Accept Yourself as You Are

No one is perfect. Every person on this planet has flaws or undesirable traits.

That’s because each and every one of us is a work in progress. We are constantly evolving, changing, growing, and learning.

If you want to know how to overcome negative thoughts, you need to accept yourself as you are right now. You are exactly who you need to be and where you need to be in this moment.

21. Don’t Expect Everything to Be Perfect

Expecting everything to go perfectly can rob you of real happiness. Take everything step by step and make sure your vision of a positive future for yourself is realistic.

For example, if you get promoted next year instead of this one, like you planned, will it really change anything in the long run?

Try to strive for your goals without getting attached to a perfect outcome.

Overcome Negative Thinking with Hypnosis Tapping

Negative thinking can stop us from living joyful, fulfilling lives, but we don’t have to be stuck in this trap forever, - we can learn how to overcome negative thoughts

When you learn how to stop negative thoughts, you can enjoy a less stressful life with more joy and opportunity. Banishing negativity isn’t easy, but we can help. Learn how to use tapping to stay positive and learn how to live a happy, fulfilling life.

Listen to our Audio Meditation on How to Stop Negative Thinking today.
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