How to Overcome Fear and Anxiety: A Complete Guide

How to Overcome Fear and Anxiety: A Complete Guide

Fear kills more dreams than failure. Every day, millions of people are held back from reaching their goals because they are paralyzed by fear and don’t know how to overcome fear and anxiety. Fear stops us from becoming the best versions of ourselves and acquiring the things we truly deserve.

Fear can keep us stuck in place, terrified to move forward and making us lose control of our lives. If we don’t figure out how to overcome our fears, we miss out on so many great opportunities that we may never get back.

If you’re paralyzed by fear, you’re not alone. It’s natural and normal to be fearful. In fact, it’s an important emotion. But it’s important not to let fear stop you from doing the things that you want to do in life.

How to Overcome Fear and Anxiety: Science Behind Fear

In order to learn how to effectively deal with fear, you need to understand what it is and where it comes from.

What makes you afraid?

A number of things could make us afraid, such as:

  • The dark
  • Snakes or spiders
  • Rejection or failure
  • Public speaking
  • Flying
  • Storms

Fear is nature's way of protecting us. For example, being afraid of fire or heights can help to keep us safe. Being afraid of failure can make you attempt to do better, but, at the same time, it can prevent you from doing well if the fear is too strong.

What makes people feel fear and how they act when they are scared varies from person to person. Simply knowing what causes fear and why could be a big step toward sorting out your problems with fear.

What makes you anxious?

Most commonly, anxiety is caused by a stressful event or a buildup of small stressful life situations. For example, death of a family member, stress at work, or ongoing worries about your financial situation can all lead to excessive anxiety.

People with specific personality types or people abusing drugs and alcohol are also more prone to have an anxiety disorder.

What do fear and anxiety feel like?

When you are feeling fear, you may experience the following mental and physical symptoms:

  • Your muscles feel weak
  • You breathing speeds up
  • Your heartbeat feels irregular or speeds up
  • You find it difficult to concentrate on anything else
  • You sweat more than usual
  • Your bowels feel loose, or your stomach churns
  • You can’t eat
  • You feel frozen or paralyzed
  • You get a dry mouth
  • You feel dizzy
  • You have hot and cold sweats
  • Your muscles become very tense

These symptoms occur because your body is preparing itself for an emergency, increasing the blood flow to the muscles, raising the blood sugar, and giving you a mental ability to focus on the threat.

When you are anxious, you may experience a nagging sense of fear and develop headaches, irritability, and difficulty sleeping. You might have issues with sex, going to work, or might become less confident in yourself.

Constant feelings of anxiety may even lead to a panic attack, which is an extremely intense type of fear.

Why can’t I get over fear when I’m not in any real danger?

Back in the day, humans often found themselves in situations of physical danger. As such, our bodies have developed powerful and fast responses to escape the threat.

In modern-day life, we do not face the same dangers anymore.

Nevertheless, our bodies and minds work the same way as centuries ago. We respond in the same way to modern worries about work, finances, or social situations. However, in these situations we can’t run away or attack back.

Even the physical feelings of fear can become scary, especially if you don’t know why you are experiencing them. Your fear and anxiety can kick in for any perceived threat, even if it is minor or imaginary. That is why it is especially important to learn how to overcome fear and anxiety.

Why can’t I get rid of fear?

You may experience fear once in a while in response to an unfamiliar situation.

However, it can turn into a long-lasting problem, even if you don’t understand where it is coming from. Some people may experience constant anxiety, without any trigger.

There are numerous fear triggers in everyday life, and you can’t always know why you feel anxious or how likely you are to be hurt. Even if you see that you fear is out of proportion, the part of your brain responsible for emotions will keep sending danger signals over your body.

Sometimes, you need physical and mental ways of tackling fear. Keep reading to learn how to overcome fear and anxiety.

5 Practical Tips for Overcoming Fear

Here’s how to face and conquer fears so that you can enjoy your life and finally be free.

1.Reprogram Your Thoughts

One effective way to overcome fear is to reprogram your thinking. In many cases, fear arises because we lack the confidence that everything will work out just fine. Affirmations and tapping can help improve your confidence levels. These practices will interrupt your negative thought train, making room for positive thoughts.

Reprogramming your thoughts will take some time and persistence, but it’s well worth the effort to overcome your fears.

2. Visualize Your Success

Only you have the power to create your future. Visualization is a powerful tool that successful people use to shape and drive their futures forward.

Rather than focusing on the worst possible scenario, picture a positive outcome. What does it look like? What does it feel like?

When you visualize success, you don’t let fear stand in your way.

3.Have a Plan

How to overcome fear and anxiety? Sometimes, having a plan can help calm our fears. Our minds tend to overthink and overanalyze when we don’t have a clear, well-thought-out plan.

Sitting down and creating a detailed plan can help you feel more at ease and confident moving forward.

4.Practice Acting “As If”

By using the “as if” method, you talk, you walk, and carry yourself just like you would if you were not afraid of a specific situation at all.

You smile, you stand up straight, move confidently and quickly, and in all the ways act as if you already had the courage you are longing for.

5. Face the Fear and Do it Anyway

Fear is nothing more than an emotion (a powerful one). The key to overcoming your fear is to let the emotion wash over you like a wave and keep moving forward. Allow yourself to feel the fear, do deep breathing exercises, and continue on your path to success.

The only real way to how to overcome fear and anxiety is to face it head-on, and that’s exactly what you will be doing with this approach.

Learn How to Get Over Fear with Hypnosis Tapping

Fear is one of the most basic and powerful human emotions. Its purpose is to keep us safe and away from danger. But in today’s modern world, we rarely face life-threatening dangers. Our minds find other things to be fearful of, like failure and seemingly undefeatable obstacles.

But here’s the good news – we can take back control of our lives and overcome our fears.

Take the first step to overcoming your fears with Hypnosis Tapping. Our audio meditation will help you realize your full potential and free yourself from fear’s heavy chains.

It’s time to finally overcome the barriers that are holding you back in life.

Learning how to overcome fear and anxiety and taking care of your mental health doesn’t have to be intimidating. Just sit back, relax and follow the instructions in our meditative program. Once you have completed our program, you will finally be free of fearful thoughts and ready to Face anything that comes your way.

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