Warning Signs of a Toxic Person You Should Watch Out For

Warning Signs of a Toxic Person You Should Watch Out For

We all encounter toxic behaviors in people, but many of us don’t even realize it in the moment. We are so used to people behaving this way, we assume that it’s normal.

Being able to recognize toxic behavior is a valuable skill, and it will help you avoid relationships with individuals who may not help us become the best versions of ourselves.

Toxic behaviors and individuals can rob us of our energies and our self-worth. The good news is that there are specific signs of a toxic person that you can look out for.

17 Signs of a Toxic Person

As part of your tapping practice, you learn how to reprogram your thoughts and adopt a positive outlook. Suddenly, it becomes much easier to spot these toxic behaviors because we are vibrating at a higher level.

Some of the toxic behaviors that we begin to recognize include:


Manipulation is the first red flag and a warning sign of a toxic person.

Manipulative behavior in any shape or form is toxic. It can come in the form of blackmail or emotional manipulation. Emotional manipulators may use a variety of tricks to gain control over you and use you to their advantage.

They may manipulate the facts. They may be two-faced, make excuses, withhold information, exaggerate things or blame the victim.

2. Self-Centered Behavior

We are all guilty of being self-centered or selfish from time to time. However, this behavior becomes toxic when it’s commonplace. They may use friends and everyone they know to get what they want. They have no problem throwing other people under the bus to avoid taking responsibility, and they will take advantage of other people’s generosity.

3. Negative Outlook

Negative people are like dark clouds, bringing everyone around them down. They find ways to shoot down your ideas and rain on your parade whenever you have good news.

Good friends will always support you while ensuring that you’re making a smart decision. But a negative friend will never see the light at the end of the tunnel.

4. Gossiping

Gossiping ties into negativity. Those who love to gossip typically have malicious intentions: to shed a negative light on the subject of the gossip. Some people use gossip to emotionally manipulate others into being on their side or believing certain things about others.

If you find that someone never has anything nice to say about anyone, you have to wonder what they are saying about you behind closed doors.

5. Materialistic

Society perpetuates a culture of materialism, but some people take it to the next level of superficiality. Some people only care about appearances and overlook the importance of having a genuine friend or life companion.

It may take some time for a person’s superficial behaviors to come out, but once they do, you may find yourself questioning why you are spending time with this person.

6. Lack of Respect for Others

Some people walk around treating others as if they are beneath them. They don’t afford others the same respect they demand. If you encounter someone like this, you have to wonder whether they will respect you as a person or be compassionate when you are going through a tough time.

7. Ultimate Hypocrites

Toxic people have an extremely high level of expectation for respect, fidelity, and adoration from others. However, they will never give any of it back to you. They will lie, cheat, manipulate, and play the victim.

8. Pathological Lying

One of the major signs of a toxic person is that they always have an excuse for everything they do – even for things that don’t require excuses. They constantly blame others and make up lies faster than the question arises. They spend most of the time rationalizing and explaining their behavior rather than improving it.

9. Focus on Your Mistakes

Toxic people always focus on your mistakes while ignoring their own. If they are late by an hour, they will remind you that you were once ten minutes late to your rendez-vous.

If you point out their faulty behaviour, they will always quickly turn the conversation back on you. When dealing with toxic people, you can expect that any smallest mistake that you make can and will be used against you.

10. Lack of Human Respect

Regular, non-toxic people understand basic concepts like kindness and honesty.

However, a toxic person always pretends to be innocent and childlike, but don’t let the appearance fool you. An adult person should never have to be explained how he or she is making others feel - this is a sure sign of a toxic person.

11. Thirst for Attention

Thirst for attention is a major sign of a toxic person.

Toxic relationships tend to consume your entire life and drain energy from you. They endlessly demand attention and adoration.

If you feel like you can’t make them happy, don’t be too harsh on yourself. The truth is: nobody can fill the void in the soul of a toxic person in an abusive relationship.

12. Erosion of Boundaries

Toxic people will tend to criticize you with their joking, condescending attitude.

Teasing is their primary mode of communication: they smirk at your attempts to express yourself and subtly belittle your abilities and intelligence. If you point out their behavior, they’ll quickly label you as crazy and overly sensitive.

13. Expect You to Read Their Mind

If a toxic person stops communicating with you for a few days, it is all your fault for not knowing what’s on their mind. They will always come up with an excuse to make themselves a victim in any situation. They will make important decisions by themselves and make you feel bad for not knowing about them.

14. Easily Bored

Toxic people can’t tolerate being by themselves for an extended period of time.

They are always surrounded by others, praised and stimulated at all times. They quickly lose interest in anything that doesn’t directly affect them in a thrilling or positive way.

At first, you might have an impression that they are fun and exciting, and you start feeling inferior for preferring consistency and familiarity.

15. Triangulation

Toxic people in your life will always surround themselves with potential mates, former lovers, and anyone who provides them with much-needed attention. It doesn’t matter to them if they are already in a different relationship.

A toxic person may denounce people from their past and declare you superior to them, while still maintaining a connection with people from the past. This makes you confused and gives you an impression that the toxic person is always in high demand.

16. Love-Bombing, Idealization, and Flattery

When you first meet, a toxic person tells you how much you two have in common – and how perfect you are for each other. They mirror your dreams, hopes, and insecurities to create an immediate bond of excitement and trust.

They seem to be fascinated with you and constantly initiate communication.

17. Everyone in Their Past was “Crazy”

Any friend or ex-partner who didn’t run back to them will probably be labelled as bipolar, jealous, alcoholic, or any other unpleasant smear. Don’t be fooled: they will speak about you exactly in the same manner once you part your paths.

Be Free of Negativity and Toxic People with Hypnosis Tapping

If you’re on a journey to happiness and growth, toxic behaviors should not be tolerated. As you continue with your tapping practice, you will learn to love yourself and allow positivity to enter your life. You will find that you have no room for negativity and learn to recognize the signs of a toxic person in your life.

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