Hypnosis Tapping Therapy FAQ

Hypnosis Tapping Method

What is Tapping?

Tapping, or Tapping method, is based on the combination of ancient Chinese medicine and acupressure principles and modern psychology. It presents a powerful holistic technique, which allows you to heal yourself by deleting painful memories, negative emotions, and limiting beliefs.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of concentration, imagination, and a deep relaxation. Being under hypnosis can make you more susceptible to changing and reprogramming your subconscious mind. When you are in a state of hypnosis, you are more likely to accept positive suggestions that bring you joy, peace, and freedom.

What is Hypnosis Tapping?

What is Tapping Therapy Technique & Solution for Anxiety | Hypnosis TappingHypnosis Tapping is a unique method combining both hypnosis and tapping techniques. Practicing Hypnosis Tapping allows you to experience profound positive changes in your mind and body by forgiving and releasing bad memories, limiting beliefs, and painful emotions. Instead, they are replaced with positive feelings and affirmations that bring you joy, peace, and freedom. With our audio meditations, you can start finally living the life you’ve always dreamt of.

Is Tapping a form of Hypnosis?

Tapping itself is not a form of hypnosis; it is closer to an acupressure treatment or a full body massage. It’s help you to relax , when combined with hypnosis, as in Hypnosis Tapping meditations, it truly reaches its full potential to promote positive changes in your mind and body.

Meridian Tapping Technique

Does Tapping really work?

Tapping is an alternative technique used to relax and restore the balance of energy in your body. It has demonstrated benefits as a treatment for stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

When combined with hypnosis, tapping becomes an effective tool to release negative emotions and limiting beliefs and replace them with a more positive mindset.

Where are the meridian Tapping points?

In our audio meditation, we use 5 main meridian points:

  1. Between the eyebrow
  2. Under the eye
  3. On the side of the eye
  4. Just below the collar bone
  5. At the center of your chest

How do you do Tapping?

Here are a few practical tips on how to tap effectively:

  • Some meridian points have twin points located on the other side of the body, such as “under the eye” or “collar” points. It is generally enough to tap only one of these twin points. But if you have both hands free, it wouldn’t hurt to tap both sides.
  • When you tap on one of the twin points, you can switch the sides. This makes the Tapping more convenient to perform.
  • Tapping is done with two or more fingertips. You can also use your middle finger alone. However, using several ones allows you to cover a larger area, so that you can ensure that you cover the correct point.
  • You can tap with either hand, but most people find it easier to use their dominant hand.
  • You should lightly tap each point between 3 to 7 times.

How do I start Tapping?

The best way to introduce yourself to Tapping is to purchase one of our audio meditations. Simply choose what aspect of your life you would like to improve, sit back, relax, and listen in to our guided tapping meditation.

How many times a day should you do Tapping?

You could listen to our audio meditations as frequently as you feel comfortable.

For optimal results, you can tap at least 3-5 times a day for several minutes. Try to be consistent with your sessions, and quickly, you will see improvements in the way you feel and live your life.

Can Tapping be harmful?

Tapping Therapy | Tapping Method | Tapping Technique | Tapping Solution | Tapping for Anxiety

Tapping is a powerful tool that can provide marvelous effects. It is important to use the Tapping technique properly.

That is why we always recommend listening and following our audio meditations to achieve optimal results.

Meditation Audios

How often should I listen to my audio meditation?

Well, that depends on your needs. You can listen as often you feel you need them; our mediations are designed to help you make the changes you want in a positive way.

Where is the best place to listen to my audio meditations?

Any place where you can relax like your bed or a comfy chair. Just make sure you won’t be disturbed while listening to the sessions. We also highly recommend to avoid situations where it is important that you maintain concentration, such as driving.

Do you make custom recordings?

We don’t make custom recordings, but please contact us if you are interested and specify exactly what it is, you’re looking for. What are your biggest challenges that you are struggling with in your life?

Tapping for Anxiety

Does Tapping work for anxiety?

Yes, Tapping for anxiety and stress has been successfully used to get rid of negative emotions and produce a significant decrease in anxiety.

You can listen to our audio meditation on how to overcome anxiety.

How does Tapping reduce stress?

Stress and negative emotions disrupt the gentle balance of our energy system. If the energy isn’t flowing freely, we feel anxious and can’t achieve our true potential.

Tapping can help you to relax and restore the balance of our body’s energy. When we use tapping, we break up the energy blockages, which allows us to instantly feel better and reduce the symptoms of depressions, stress, and anxiety: both emotional pain and physical pain.